Sep 27, 2023 12:00 PM
No Invited Guest Speaker.
Open Conversations at Each Table.


There is no invited guest speaker this week!
Instead we will have open conversations at each table.
Have you attended a Wednesday noon Rotary meeting, and been deep into a conversation when the meeting is called to order and wish you could continue your conversation? Then this is a meeting you need to attend!
Are you interested in visiting with a member about a specific issue?
Do you want to get to know some Rotarians/new Rotarians better?
Do you want members to understand your concerns and interests in Rotary?
Is there a project or volunteer opportunity you’re interested in exploring?
What is your favorite thing about Ely Rotary?
We recently completed a financially successful, Rose Sale and a Raffle Ticket Sale. What could we change to make them even better?
Because there is no scheduled speaker, we will take the opportunity to discuss your interests and concerns.
Join us, and join in the conversation!