Dec 07, 2022 12:00 PM
Lynn Evenson, Chair of The 2023 Ely Winter Fest.
Ely Winter Festival History and 2023 Event Update

Lynn Evenson is Board Chair of the 2023 Ely Winter Festival.  She and partner Erik moved to Ely in 2010 from Denver, CO. She has been involved in the Winter Fest for the past decade and she is a retired high school Choir, Band and Music Appreciation teacher, as well as a life long musician.

Lynn will review the history of Ely's Winter Festival, share a large number of special events that make up the Festival and encourage us to participate in enjoying winter, Ely style. From an Art Walk to Snow Sculpting to a Film Festival and including snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating and snow carving. Minnesotans will be watching while Ely is in the spotlight celebrating winter and all it offers. Have you seen the newly designed Winter Fest pin? Check it out and support Ely's premier winter event!